Can You Upload Pics From MySpace to Facebook?

Facebook and MySpace are two social media utilities which, while fundamentally different in several ways, serve the same end purposes: keeping you connected with people in your life. One important fact about the two services is that they aren't related to one another in any way, from an operational standpoints. As a result, it's possible to download pictures from MySpace and then upload them to Facebook, but you can't upload them directly between the two programs.

Facebook Upload Options

Two options exist to upload pictures to Facebook. Within your Facebook photo albums, the only way to upload photos to your profile is from your computer -- either its hard drive or removable media such as an SD memory card. For status updates, it's also possible to take a new photo, be it with your computer's webcam or a mobile device. It isn't possible to upload images from another site's URL.

Downloading MySpace Pictures

Since the only way to upload photos to Facebook is via your computer, you must get your MySpace pictures on your computer if you wish to upload them to Facebook. One option for doing this is downloading selected pictures directly from your MySpace account. Navigate to your MySpace profile and click "Photos," and then browse through your photo albums, viewing full versions of all the photos you want to be on your Facebook profile, right-clicking them and saving them to your computer's hard drive.


Several disadvantages exists for transferring photos from MySpace to Facebook. For one, downloading all your photos individually -- an option to download full photo albums doesn't exist as of April 2011 -- is time consuming and inefficient. Secondly, photos you download from MySpace were compressed when you uploaded them to the site, meaning they're of reduced quality. Facebook does give you the option to upload pictures in high-resolution, but this only prevents further reduction of quality; what you download from MySpace is limited in quality.

Original Files

If image quality and time are important to you, the best way to upload photos you've used on MySpace to your Facebook profile is to browse your hard drive to see if any of the original photo files exist there. For example, if you want to upload pictures from your birthday party, a folder named "Birthday Party" may exist within your computer's "Photos" library. Upload all the photos from this -- or any -- folder to Facebook for a seamless, high-quality transfer.