Can You Use a Regular LCD TV on a Patio Under a Cover?

Temperature and humidity directly affects an LCD television and can shorten the device's lifetime if the temperature and humidity levels are too high or too low. Using a regular LCD TV on a patio under a cover puts the device at risk for extreme temperature and humidity levels as well as theft if left unattended. But outdoor LCD TV enclosures are available that protect your LCD TV from the elements and theft.

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Using your LCD TV outside on a covered patio still exposes it to the elements.
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Temperature Issues

If the temperature outside on your patio is 40 degrees F or lower, your regular LCD TV will take a long time to power on and images will appear dark once the television is on. The TV's internal components, including its brightness control, are directly affected by the colder temperature. If the temperature outside is above 100 degrees F, the heat will begin to affect internal components and you will experience image and audio problems as the components begin to overheat. Your LCD TV contains an internal fan that cools components but it can begin to fail if the temperature inside of the television rises above 100 degrees F. Operate your LCD TV in an environment that is between 40 and 100 degrees F.

Dew Issue

If the temperature outside goes from cold to hot quickly, dew can form inside of your LCD TV and cause the internal components to begin to fail. Dew can also cause your television's power supply to short circuit and can cause a fire if you turn on device. You could also receive an electric shock from the television. Temperature changes from hot to cold can also affect your LCD TV and cause image quality issues.

Humidity Levels

Relative humidity, the amount of moisture in the air, also affects your regular LCD TV when you use it on a patio even if using it under a cover. If the humidity is lower than 20 percent, images on your LCD television can appear dark, and colors washed out. Using the television outside when the humidity is over 80 percent results in moisture collecting on your TV's internal components. Moisture can also cause the components to short circuit and possibly cause a fire. Operate your LCD TV in an environment with a humidity level between 20 and 80 percent.


Dust, dirt, grass clippings, pollen and other debris can block your LCD TV's air vents if you use the device outside on a patio. Debris also puts internal components at risk for electrical shorts once the parts start to overheat. Even if you place the television under a cover, flying debris can still enter your TV's vents.


Purchase an outdoor LCD TV enclosure that includes a built-in fan. An outdoor LCD TV enclosure controls the temperature and humidity levels surrounding your television and keeps debris from entering your television. The enclosures also protect your television from water, theft and vandalism. Outdoor LCD TV enclosures are available from electronics stores and online outlets that specialize in LCD televisions and accessories.

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