Cell Phone Greeting Ideas

If traditional or automated cell phone greetings seem boring to you, one way to express your sense of humor and exuberant personality is by recording an unconventional greeting. You can also record a greeting that has a functional purpose, such as promoting your business or sharing your latest song in your greeting, if you are a recording artist or songwriter.

Serenaded Greetings

Avid music fans might consider serenading your callers with an all-sung greeting or mixing your singing with a spoken greeting. Sing a line or two from your favorite song or one that invites your callers to leave a message. For example, you can sing “Hello/Is it me you’re looking for?” followed by a spoken invitation. If you are a recording artist, you can use your greeting to promote your newest songs.

Parodied Greetings

If are aware that you cannot carry a tune to save your life but still want to incorporate music into your greeting, you can use your musical “talents” to record your own parodied version of your favorite song. This option allows you to combine elements of music and humor to create your very own personalized greeting.

Sales Pitch Greetings

If you are known by your family and friends as an efficient salesperson, you can structure your cell phone greeting to emulate a sales pitch. Instead of selling an actual product, however, your sales pitch would solicit callers so that they feel compelled to leave you a message. You can inject an extra dose of fun by taking your sales pitch greeting over the top.

Sports Greetings

If you are a sports enthusiast, you can record a greeting in the voice of a sports announcer. The content of your greeting can stream like an exciting athletic play-by-play. Another idea is incorporating your favorite team’s fight song. If you’re feeling especially inspired, you can rewrite your fight song with your personalized lyrics.

Sarcastic/Humorous Greetings

Recording a funny (spoken) cell phone greeting purely for the purpose of entertainment will most likely solicit laughs from callers. Keep in mind when putting together your greeting that not everyone may appreciate your warped sense of humor. While these types of messages are fun, stay away from using words and phrases that may be interpreted to be offensive or hurtful.