ClutchIt: The Most Versatile Magnetic Phone Mount Ever

A car mount that you can use at your desk, in the kitchen, and elsewhere.

By Dave Johnson

I've had so many frustrations over the years finding a convenient way to position my phone while driving that the first thing I consider when car shopping these days is whether there's a place on the dashboard or console or anywhere else to mount and angle my phone so I can see it while motoring along.

ClutchIt is a Kickstarter campaign that wants to make it easy for you to mount your phone anywhere you like in your car. And elsewhere, in fact.

ClutchIt is a stand for your phone that has strong magnetic surfaces at both ends. You can attach ClutchIt directly to a metal surface or use the included adhesive pads to attach small metal disks to the surface you want to affix the grabber to. Both ends are fully articulated on rotating ball joints, so you can easily position the stand and your phone any way you want.

According to the campaign's owner, the adhesive is powerful but doesn't leave residue behind, so it won't ruin the surface of whatever you apply it to. Each ClutchIt comes with three adhesives and disks, so you can use one in your car, one on your phone or phone case, and one somewhere else—like a treadmill, a computer monitor, or the wall of your kitchen.

It's machined from aluminum (the same kind that the iPhone is made of). Oh, and it's available in four different colors, if that sort of thing is important to you.

Yes, your ClutchIt can match your space grey or rose gold iPhone. Horray?

This looks to be a highly versatile phone stand. To be clear, ClutchIt isn't the first magnetic phone stand we've ever seen. But the symmetric design—with identical ball joints and magnetic pads on both ends—makes it extremely convenient. The accessory metal disks mean that you can use ClutchIt pretty much anywhere. And it's pretty stylish, too. If you need a reliable way to mount your phone in your car, you could do a lot worse than to back ClutchIt.

You can get a ClutchIt for as little as $28 (the early-bird price), although different pledge levels can fetch you a matte black version for $38 or a pair of stands for $54. The regular retail cost will be about $40. According to the campaign, shipments to backers will start this month—November 2016—as soon as the campaign ends.

Campaign: ClutchIt

Pledges start at: $28

Campaign ends: 11/14/2016