Coby MP3 Player Troubleshooting

The coby brand of MP3 player offers users a no-nonsense, inexpensive, and easy-to-use personal media experience. Although the coby interface can best be described as minimalist, if you are having a problem, it could be a relatively simple issue. Some basic troubleshooting steps can solve most problems with the colby.

Device Will Not Charge

If you are having problems with your coby MP3 player charging, try connecting it to an alternate power source. For instance, if you are using a wall charger (sold separately from the device) try plugging it into one of your computer's USB drives. If the device still isn't powering up, try a different USB drive (preferably one that conforms to the USB 2.0 standard.) For more on your computer's USB drives, see your owner's manual.

Certain Tracks Do Not Play

The coby line of MP3 players have limited support for tracks that contain Digital Rights Management (DRM) software. If this software is detected, the player will generally skip over the selected file. It also may show a "No Access" symbol. If you suspect that a file has DRM, contact the vendor from whom you purchased it, and ask if DRM-free tracks are available. For example, the iTunes service will remove DRM from selected tracks for $0.30 per track.

Computer Will Not Recognize MP3 Player

If you can plug in your MP3 player, but the computer doesn't recognize it, you may have a software incompatibility problem. Coby MP3 players are natively compatible with Windows, and will not work with any version below Windows 2000. Some more advanced players require even more specific technical standards, so check your owner's manual for specifics. If your machine meets all the technical requirements, but the MP3 player still isn't recognized by the computer, you may need to download some special software. See the Resource link for more on this software.