Communication Technology Advantages

Communication technologies such as web cameras, cell phones, email, text messaging and on-line voice calling make global communication more efficient and economical. Technological advances, it seems, are being made every day.

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Web camera
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Through email, cell phones, social networking, chat rooms, web cams and Internet voice calls, the world seems much smaller. Instead of sending a letter and waiting days, or even months, for a response, emails provide instant answers. Software such as Skype enables you to make Internet calls for a fraction of the cost of a traditional land line. Chat rooms and text messaging allow you to communicate through real-time typing. Communication technologies are also quite convenient in emergency situations, such as when your car breaks down.

Saving Money and Time

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Communication technology
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Communication technology has changed the way companies do business. It has shortened response times and reduced the costs of paper and phone bills. Costumer service has also changed. In many cases, you no longer have to wait for hours on a telephone; you can chat on-line with representatives to solve problems faster. Businesses now market their products and services through emails and texts. Businesses can even hold visual meetings on-line, from opposite parts of the world, something that was impossible only a few years ago.


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Communication technology puts the world at your fingertips. Being able to communicate faster and cheaper with other countries makes people more knowledgeable about world affairs. You can now enroll in an online university or college, and talk with your professor through the internet. People are able to instantly pass on important information during emergencies and disasters.