Connection Problems With AT&T DSL

AT&T Digital Subscriber Lines, or DSLs, are one of the least expensive and most efficient ways to obtain high speed Internet at home. When connection problems occur, check off five potential trouble spots before calling for service.

Check Connections at the Computer

If you are using a wired connection from the DSL modem to your home computer, make sure the Ethernet cable is plugged into both ports securely. Ethernet cords look like fat phone cords, with a slightly larger socket than phone cords.

Check Connections Between Modem and Wall

Make sure the DSL modem is plugged in and getting power. Check to make sure the connection from the wall to the modem is tight and secure.

If Using a Router, Make Sure it is Operating Correctly

Routers allow your modem to connect several computers to the same DSL line, and will have multiple Ethernet ports. It must be plugged in. All Ethernet cables must be securely attached to work properly.

If Using a Wireless Router, Double Check Operation

If you are experiencing wireless difficulties, make sure the wireless router is plugged in, working properly and that your laptop has its wireless functions turned "On." An Ethernet cable must connect the wireless router to the DSL modem; make sure the connections fit securely.

Try Rebooting Everything

If all is hooked up properly, try rebooting the DSL modem, your router and your computer. Sometime, just rebooting does the trick.