How to Convert MP3 to 8 Bit

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The audio quality of an MP3 file is determined by the sampling rate, which for CD-quality audio is 48 kHz. Testing an audio file may require you to use a variety of sampling rates, which may include 8 kHz, or 8 bit. This will result in a mono, or one-channel audio file. Converting MP3 files to 8 bit will require using a software program with an option for 8 KHz, such as the Easy Hi-Q Converter.


Step 1

Go to the download webpage for the Easy Hi-Q Converter 1.7 (see Resources). Click the "Download Free Trial" button and save the file to your desktop. Double-click the "easyhiqconv.exe" file to install the program.

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Step 2

Double-click the "Easy Hi-Q Converter" icon to run the program.


Step 3

Navigate to the location of the MP3 file that you want to convert from the left panel. Click the "+" that is next to "My Computer" to see all available drive letters. Any MP3 files that are in the selected folder will be displayed on the right panel.

Step 4

Highlight the MP3 file or files that you want to convert. Click the "Add Selected" button at the top of the panel. This will display the Options window.


Step 5

Put a check in the box for "MP3." Click the second drop-down selection box and select the option for "8 Kbps." Click the third drop-down box and select the option for "Mono."

Step 6

Put a check in the radio button for "Same as Input Locations."

Step 7

Click the "OK" button to close the Options window. Click the "Convert" button to begin the process.


If you want to save the converted files to a different location, click the radio button for “Specify Location.”


The full version of the program will cost $24.95, as of December 2010.