Copy Data From One Table to Another in Access

By Connie s Owens

There are many reasons why you would want to copy data from one table to another in Access. Re-writing an entire table is tedious and time-consuming. The key is to ensure the second table is designed like the first; the basics must be the same or you will receive errors. With the later versions of Access, you can copy the entire table or select a few rows or cells to copy to the other table.

Copy & Paste

Step 1

Open your Access database, and click "Table View." Open the tables you will be working in.

Step 2

Select the table holding the data to be copied. Select the data you wish to copy by clicking the cell or placing the cursor to the right side of the table. The cursor will change to an arrow pointing toward the left side of the table, click. To select columns and multiple cells, see "Tips."

Step 3

Click the "Edit" button in the menu ribbon, and select "Copy." If you are removing the data completely, select "Cut."

Step 4

Select the table to copy the data into. If this table is like the original, click the area where you will paste the new data. Repeat the same selection process as in Step 2. You will need to select the same number of cells and rows as the original data had.

Step 5

Click "Edit" in the menu ribbon again, but this time select "Paste." If you have not selected enough rows and columns, an error message will appear. If you overselect, Access will ignore it and paste the data.