Dangers of a TV Mounted Over a Fireplace

Mounting a flat-screen television over a fireplace is attractive and space conscious. It provides a focal point for the room in addition to the fireplace. However, there are possible dangers to consider when mounting a television over the fireplace. Determine if this is the correct location for your television and enjoy a movie with a warm fire.

Use precaution when mounting a flat-screen TV.


Beware of heat from the fireplace damaging your tv

Rising fireplace heat can be a danger to a mounted television. Excessive heat can damage the television screen permanently. Plasma TV Buying Guide suggests taking some precautions to avoid damaging your television. Before installing your TV, tape a thermometer to the wall above the fireplace mantel. It is best to put the thermometer in the same place the TV will be mounted. Turn the fireplace on and let the fire build for a while. Check the thermometer to determine if the temperature reaches more than 90 degrees. If the reading is more than 90 degrees, the area is receiving enough heat to damage your television. If you choose to mount a plasma TV over this fireplace, it is not advised to use the fireplace while the TV is running. Most plasma TVs have their own cooling system, but this requires the system to work harder and cut the overall lifespan of the TV.


Make sure your tv isn't mounted too high

Depending on the height of your fireplace, mounting a television can be dangerous and uncomfortable. Practical-Home-Theatre-Guide.com states that mounting a plasma TV over a fireplace can pose a risk for comfortable viewing. However, this risk can be avoided by using a tilting mechanism. A tilting wall mount allows you to change the angle of the television by about 15 degrees. By using this type of wall mount, you can tilt the TV down for comfortable viewing while seated. A tilting wall mount typically adds no more than a half inch to an inch on the overall depth of the TV, according to Practical-Home-Theatre-Guide.com. Avoid a strained neck and strained eyes from a TV that is mounted too high.


Securely mount your television

Mounting a television over the fireplace helps provide additional space in the room; however, it can be a dangerous process. There are factors to consider when planning to mount a TV. If the wall over the fireplace is made of drywall, use the correct fixtures to penetrate the studs, according to the Practical-Home-Theatre-Guide.com. A brick wall requires anchor-bolts to safely mount the television. Cement anchors will safely hold the television; however, some brick fireplaces radiate heat that can be harmful to the television. Lastly, it is not recommended to use recessed installation because it can create issues with the TV overheating.