Definition of a DVD Rewriter

A DVD rewriter is a disc drive that can read, write and rewrite data to and from DVDs. Most computers sold today include some sort of DVD rewriter.

A DVD rewriter is compatible with many different kinds of DVD discs.


A DVD rewriter can burn all kinds of information and data to a DVD, including video, audio and pictures. People can use a DVD rewriter to create DVD-video discs that play in DVD players, or just as a way to back up or transport files on a computer.


There are two competing rewritable DVD formats: DVD-RW and DVD+RW. They are very similar, and most users can't tell the difference between the two. While early DVD rewriters only support one of the two formats, almost all rewriters made today are compatible with both formats.


DVD rewriters are some of the most common disc drives available. Even most computers with Blu-ray disc drives include a drive that supports DVD writing and rewriting. As of September 2010, DVD is still the dominant optical disc format, so it is assumed that support for DVD rewriters will continue for several years.