How to Delete My Email Address

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If you use email, you may want to delete your address to make way for a new one. Perhaps you have an address that you no longer use, maybe your current email is being bogged down with too much spam or possibly someone has broken into your account. Although the procedure for deleting an email depends on the provider, you can follow some general steps to delete your address from some of the more widely used free providers.


Step 1

Back up all of your email data, such as important messages and addresses, by following your email provider's instruction for archiving this data, or opt to copy this content onto a DVD or hard drive. This is an important step because deleting your account removes all of this information and you cannot get it back.


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Step 2

Determine whether you are willing to keep your account open but inactive, or if you prefer to remove the address. Many email providers, such as Hotmail and Yahoo!, automatically disable your address if you do not use your account in a specified time period, usually between 30 to 90 days.

Step 3

Log in to your email account and look for a "Help" link on the page. Providers, such as MSN Hotmail, offer a "Close Your MSN Hotmail Account" link under this category. Continue to follow the prompts and read any agreements before closing your account.


Step 4

Look for a "Settings" link after logging in. Email host's, like Google Gmail, provide a "Google Account settings" link where you can view your products, such as email, and click a "Remove Gmail permanently" link to delete the account.

Step 5

Call the customer service number for your provider, such as SBC Yahoo!, in order to complete the account deletion. Upon clicking on the "Close SBC Yahoo! Account" link (see Resources), the (877) 722-3755 displays. AOL can be reached at (800) 827-6364.