Description of Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a popular and commonly used word processing program. It is one of the most popular word processing programs, if not the most popular. Microsoft Word is often used in businesses, schools and universities. Below, you can learn more about Microsoft Word, how it can be beneficial to you and how you can obtain your own Microsoft Word software.


Definition of Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a word processing program that allows users to create professional documents such as resumes, letters, fax cover sheets, reports, legal documents, brochures, manuals and more. It is an efficient tool for students, business owners and even working individuals to have on their computers.

Microsoft Word Tools

Microsoft Word has tools to format fonts, add clipart, add page numbers, and create tables and headers. There is even an "office assistant" cartoon that can sit in the background to guide you through the creation of your document or answer any questions that you might have.

Free Trial of Microsoft Word

For individuals or groups who would be interested in trying Microsoft Word, a 60-day free trial software can be downloaded via the Microsoft website. Be sure to download the software that matches your computer system.

Common Places Microsoft Word Is Used

Microsoft Word is often used by corporate businesses, community agencies, and can be found in most schools and universities. Students use it daily and business individuals use it for creating important office documents.

Where Can I Purchase Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word can be purchased online after trying the 60-day free trial. It also can be bought online in such stores as Staples, Dell, and NewEgg.