Difference Between Office 2007 & Office 2010

Microsoft 2010 offers several upgrades from Microsoft Office 2007. While many of the features remain the same between versions, the primary difference between the two programs is the addition of new features to Office 2010. The changes affect all of the Office programs and makes the suite more Internet-friendly.


Updates to PowerPoint

According to Digital Inspiration, Powerpoint 2010 allows users to embed video clips from the Internet into presentations by copying the code from the video sharing site and pasting it into the slide. The program contains video editing features allowing for more professional presentations. Additionally, users can now broadcast live presentations over the Internet or distribute the PowerPoint presentations by uploading them to a website or onto a portable media player. (see Reference 2)

Updates to Excel

Excel 2010 offers the new “Sparkline” feature. Sparkline allows the user to view data trends in a column next to the data with graphs in each cell. The new “Powerpivot” add-in for Excel 2010 helps users analyze larger volumes of data from SQL databases. (see Reference 1)

Updates to Outlook

The new Outlook 2010 allows users to import contact information to and from social networks such as Facebook. The program now streamlines actions with the “Quick Steps” feature, allowing users to utilize a series of commands in one step for any items in Outlook. The new version also allows users to group emails into single items. (see References 1 & 2)

Updates to Word and Access

Word 2010 now features better picture formatting tools, including artistic effects, that are also available in PowerPoint 2010. The program also allows for real-time co-authoring with a Windows Live account or Sharepoint workspace. Access 2010 now offers web-based databases and navigation form controls. (see Reference 1)

Additional Features

According to Digital Inspiration, every Office 2010 program now offers a built-in PDF writer, allowing users to save documents as PDF files rather than having to download a separate program to convert the files. The suite also allows users to upload documents to Windows Live SkyDrive accounts for direct access. The free online storage gives users the ability to view and edit the documents over the web and offers 25 GB of storage. (see Reference 2) The file menu has been updated as well, even offering expanded printing options allowing users to view changes to the document side-by-side before printing. (see References 1 & 2)