Different Kinds of Cell Phones

Cell phones are a necessity in today’s world. The constant demand for cell phones has created a market that produces everything from moderately priced phones with minimal features to very expensive, tech savvy, multifunctioning phones. Cell phones have the capability to store music files, access the Internet via paid data plans or Wi-Fi, download GPS navigation software, chat and communicate even without the user speaking on the phone.


A Personal Digital Assistant, also known as PDA or Smartphone, has revolutionized the way cell phone users think of wireless communications. PDAs have multimedia capabilities like storing MP3 and MP4 music files. They are also known for having Internet capabilities. Some PDA models are equipped with a GPS navigation system. These phones double as a handheld personal computer. A Blackberry and a Palm Treo are two examples of PDA cell phones.

Touch Screens

Touch screen phones are for tech savvy users who prefer interactive communication. The screen allows you to obtain and update information immediately. Some touch screen phones have Wi-Fi which allows you to browse the Internet whenever there is a viable wireless signal available. A quick flick of the finger allows you to browse through an address book, music files and other data.

Slider Phones

A slider phone is unique in that the QWERTY keyboard either slides down from the bottom of the phone, or appears once the display screen is pushed upward. The QWERTY keyboard, which takes its name from the first six alphabets on the left of a computer keyboard, allows you the option to quickly type text messages, reminders or browse the Web. When you receive or make a call, the QWERTY keyboard slides back in place so that your cell phone can be easily carried when talking. A popular slider phone is the Sidekick by T-Mobile.

Flip It

A flip phone generally has a hinge that allows users to flip the phone open. Similar to a woman’s compact or a clam shell, the phone's main display screen and keypad are hidden until the cell phone is open.

Budget Cell Phone

A budget cell phone is the most inexpensive type of cell phone available by a carrier. Depending on the carrier budget phones can be purchased for approximately $50. These inexpensive phones may be purchased with a contract or prepaid. Either way, budget cell phones have many functions. Some have features like speaker phone, texting, still camera, voice messaging, email and Web browsing. Although less expensive, budget phones are made to provide cell phone users with multiple capabilities for an inexpensive phone.