Different Types of Internet Connections

There are a few different types of Internet connections that are used by people around the world. A person may choose to use the type of Internet connection that best fits his needs. In order to determine which Internet connection is the best for a person, one must understand the different types of connections.

Look into all Internet connections to see what's the best fit.


Wireless technology picks up signals around a home.

Wireless Internet is very common now that technology has advanced. This type of Internet connection is provided through a company of ones choice and creates a wireless hot-spot throughout a person's home. The company will send the customer a modem, which picks up the Internet signal and sends it to a person's computer. If there are other computers in the home, a router will be provided by the company. The router is connected to the modem and sends the Internet connection to other devices in the home.


Dial-up connections require hooking up to a phone line.

Dial-up Internet a becoming less common, however, there are still many people who use this type of connection and it suits their needs. A dial-up connection is provided by a dial-up Internet company. A person must connect the phone line to the computer and the computer will then use the phone line to call an Internet connection that will then put one's computer on-line. A dial-up Internet connection does take up the phone line that a person has connected to the computer and makes one unable to make or receive calls while using the Internet.

Broadband Internet Connection

Broadband connections send and receive data quickly.

Broadband is a high-speed Internet connection that is provided through one's cable or telephone company. This type of Internet is the fastest for sending and receiving data and provides the customer with a constant, fast Internet connection. In areas where broadband is not yet offered, there is satellite Internet service, which is very similar to broadband access. This type of connection uses a modem that is similar to that used for wireless access.