Different Types of Internet Connections

By Amy Manley

There are a few different types of Internet connections that are used by people around the world. A person may choose to use the type of Internet connection that best fits his needs. In order to determine which Internet connection is the best for a person, one must understand the different types of connections.


Wireless Internet is very common now that technology has advanced. This type of Internet connection is provided through a company of ones choice and creates a wireless hot-spot throughout a person's home. The company will send the customer a modem, which picks up the Internet signal and sends it to a person's computer. If there are other computers in the home, a router will be provided by the company. The router is connected to the modem and sends the Internet connection to other devices in the home.


Dial-up Internet a becoming less common, however, there are still many people who use this type of connection and it suits their needs. A dial-up connection is provided by a dial-up Internet company. A person must connect the phone line to the computer and the computer will then use the phone line to call an Internet connection that will then put one's computer on-line. A dial-up Internet connection does take up the phone line that a person has connected to the computer and makes one unable to make or receive calls while using the Internet.

Broadband Internet Connection

Broadband is a high-speed Internet connection that is provided through one's cable or telephone company. This type of Internet is the fastest for sending and receiving data and provides the customer with a constant, fast Internet connection. In areas where broadband is not yet offered, there is satellite Internet service, which is very similar to broadband access. This type of connection uses a modem that is similar to that used for wireless access.