Directions for an iHome Clock Radio

By Pharaba Witt

The iHome clock radio is meant to be used with any of the larger iPods that have the charger on the bottom of the device. It can be used with the Nanos, iPods and iPod Touch versions. It can also work with the iPad. It does not work with the Shuffle as the connector is different on that particular model.

Things You'll Need

  • iPod
  • Power outlet

Step 1

Plug in the clock radio. After deciding where you would like to put it in your home, plug the device into the wall.

Step 2

Set the time on the clock. The "Set" button is on the top of the clock to start the process. Use the arrows to work through the numbers.

Step 3

Set the alarm to the desired wake time. You can set up to two alarms on this clock, either for a backup to your original alarm or if you need a second time for a second person.

Step 4

Place your iPod on the charger. When your iPod is on the radio you can either listen to your music through it or you can choose to have it come on with the alarm.

Step 5

Cycle through the options to determine how you wish to wake up. You can wake up to the radio, to a buzzer or to the music from your iPod. The screen displays the option you have chosen.

Step 6

Set the radio stations you prefer. In order to set the alarm to the radio, you must pick a station so there will be sound when the radio turns on.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can listen to the radio at any time, but be sure to turn it off before you go to bed or set the "sleep" timer. This allows for it to turn on for the alarm.
  • You can set the clock to both buzz and play music when the alarm goes off.
  • Make sure the volume on your iPod is turned up when you plug it in. If the volume is all the way down, it will not play through the speakers.

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