Do GIFs Work on Facebook?

Whether you're uploading an image to your Facebook wall or to a specific album in the Facebook platform, you'll find certain rules that restrict the types of image files you can add. While the short answer to the question of whether GIFs work on Facebook is yes, the long answer is that it ultimately depends on the type of GIF you are trying to upload.

You Shouldn't Have Trouble Uploading Still Images Saved as GIFs,

GIF Still Images

If you have a GIF image that is a nonmoving image, you should have no problem uploading it to Facebook. According to the Facebook Developers page, GIFs are one of many file types allowed for uploading to the platform. Other supported image file types include JPG, PNG, PSD, TIFF, JP2, IFF, WBMP and XBM images.

GIF Animated Images

If your GIF files are of the animated variety -- meaning they contain some type of "motion" or "flash" content, you won't be able to upload them to Facebook. While this was once a feature that worked for some people on Facebook, it is no longer a reliable feature.

Changing the File Type

If your still images are not in one of the file types mentioned in Section 1 and you really want to upload a photo to Facebook, you have to make a change to the image file to get it to work. Do this by opening your image in the image-editing program on your computer and selecting "File" and then "Save As." At the next screen, select one of the file types -- GIF, JPG, PNG, PSD, TIFF, JP2, IFF, WBMP or XBM -- and click "Save." Your image is saved in the selected format.

File Size

If you're having trouble uploading your GIF or other type of image to Facebook, keep in mind that the platform has size limitations for the images you are allowed to upload. If your photo is larger than 720 pixels wide, you won't be able to upload it to the platform, no matter what the file type. In this case, save the image as a smaller file from your image-editing program and try again.