Does the MacBook Air Have a CD Drive?

By Nick Peers

The Apple MacBook Air is one of the thinnest ultraportable notebook computers on the market. **Because of size limitations, the MacBook Air doesn't have an optical drive**. If you need to read data from a CD or DVD, you can use a USB optical drive, such as the [Apple USB SuperDrive](, or you can share the disc from the optical drive of another Mac or a Windows PC. As a last resort, copy the disc contents onto a USB flash drive.

The MacBook Air and Optical Discs

**Connect an external USB optical drive to the MacBook Air**. Apple offers the SuperDrive at $79 with free shipping. Other external drives are available and some are less expensive. You may need to install the appropriate drivers for the external drive before being able to use it.**Share the optical disc from a Mac or Windows computer** that has an optical drive. Some types of optical discs -- audio CDs, movie DVDs, copyright-protected discs and Windows setup discs -- cannot be shared. You can't burn or erase a shared disc from the MacBook Air.**Copy the contents of the optical disc onto a USB flash drive** on a Mac or Windows PC that has an optical drive. The MacBook Air supports USB 3.0 flash drives. For audio CDs and movie DVDs, you may need to [*rip*]( the contents of the disc to the flash drive. On a Mac, rip DVDs using [MacX DVD Ripper](, [HandBrake]( or [MacTheRipper]( ITunes can rip audio CDs.