Easy Way to Make a Check Box in a Word Document

Check boxes don’t have to be complicated, and they can add detail and organization to documents. With the right font, making check boxes is as easy as typing.

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Making Check Boxes

Click your cursor where you want your check box to be. Click on the “Insert” tab in Word. On the right side of the window, click on “Symbol,” then on “More Symbols” at the bottom of the pop-up button. Make sure the “Symbols” tab is selected in the window that opens. In the drop-down menu that says “Font” select Wingdings. Scroll through the symbols until you find the check box you want to use. Highlight it and then select “Insert” and then “Close.” Your symbol should appear in your document.

A Shortcut to Check Boxes

Click your cursor in your document where you want a check box to be. Type “q” “r” “o” or “p,” without quotation marks. Use lowercase letters. Highlight the letter you chose and in the font menu, select Wingdings. When the font changes it should turn the letter into a box. If you don’t like the box, try one of the other letters. They each make a different check box.

Changing Check Boxes

You can change the size, color and effects of check boxes just like you can with any other letter in a font. Highlight the check box and use the drop-down menus to change the size, color or make it bold or italic or underline it.