Embed an FLV File in HTML

By Brandy Alexander

Your Web page has the ability to present and display digital media like the FLV, which is a Flash video file. Consider adding Flash media to your site because it plays both audio and video and is viewable on major computer operating systems. HyperText Markup Language (HTML) allows you to perform this task with the multimedia tags available in this markup language. Use your computer's text editor software to embed an FLV file in your HTML document.

Step 1

Bring up an Internet file host, such as MediaFire or FileFactory, and click the "Upload" button to select your FLV file and add it to the host (see Resources). Continue to follow the instructions that appear and then note the URL address that automatically displays when the upload finishes. The host makes it possible for your media to play on the Web.

Step 2

Start your text editor software and open an HTML document.

Step 3

Type the "object" code where you want your Flash movie to display and enter your FLV file address in the "

" tag, as in the following example:The object tag ensures that your Flash media is recognized by Internet Explorer.

Step 4

Enter a width and height attribute inside the first object tag to specify how large the video player is on your page. For instance:

Step 5

Type the "embed" code after the "

" tag and enter your FLV address, along with the width and height values, like so:The embed element allows Netscape to show your Flash media.

Step 6

Save your file. Your complete HTML code now looks as follows: