Free Flash Players Compatible With the Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii uses the free Opera web browser which comes installed with Flash Player 8. That Flash Player automatically works with the Wii once Opera is downloaded from the Wii Channel. As of 2010 no Flash Players created since the Wii was released can work with it.


Internet Channel Compatability

The Wii will play all versions of Flash Player up to and including 8 but cannot play any others. According to the Nintendo Customer Service website, it is impossible to independently download and install higher versions of Flash Player on the Wii's Internet channel.

Updates and plugins

A user can download official updates through the Wii. However, as of November 2010, none of these updates have involved Flash players beyond the Flash 8.


Previous to the September 2009 update, when the Channel was made free, the Wii Internet Channel cost 500 Wii points to download (around $6). Users who had previously downloaded the channel were given a refund credit to use on Nintendo games.