Free Virtual DJ Sound Effects

By Justin Wash

Virtual DJ is a software program that allows anyone to become a great DJ without having to buy expensive turntables, mixers and other equipment. By providing a simple interface with two virtual turntables, song information and a myriad of effects, the program makes it simple for anyone with a laptop to rock the party. There are many free effects available for Virtual DJ online.


Effect plug-in downloads from the official Virtual DJ website are restricted to certain versions of the software. For example, Virtual DJ FREE the free version of the Virtual DJ software, and Virtual DJ Home are not compatible with any downloaded plug-ins. Be sure you own a full-feature license for one of the Virtual DJ products that supports downloaded plug-ins -- such as Virtual DJ Pro Full and Virtual DJ Broadcaster -- before you attempt to download plug-ins.

Official Free Plug-ins

The official Virtual DJ website is home to many free effects plug-ins. These plug-ins and their usefulness vary widely, from basic flangers and distortion effects, to sub-bass and Vocoder plug-ins not usually used by professional DJs. If you have a software package that supports downloadable plug-ins, download as many as you like and experiment with them to see how far you can push your sound.

EQ and Filter Plug-ins

The most basic effects for use by DJs are equalizers and filters. Every DJ should have at least one good EQ plug-in and a high-pass filter for use on the fly. When transitioning between tracks, having the ability to cut out certain frequencies, like a bass line or kick drum, can help to alleviate any clashing caused by dissonant notes. A good high-pass filter can be useful for dramatic build-ups, making your mixes more exciting to the listener on the dance floor when you let the bass kick back in after a breakdown.

Samplers and Their Uses

A sampler plug-in can be a great way to add something new and different to your mixes. A sampler is simply a plug-in that plays back sound clips when they are triggered. A clip can be a drum beat, cymbal crash, vocal phrase or even an entire song. Having a library of good samples can aid you in transitioning, building up your mixes and bringing something new to the mix by accentuating the percussion and vocal elements of the songs you choose to play.