Fun Games to Play Through Text Messaging

Text messaging is useful for straightforward communication, but it can also be a platform for creative fun. Knowing a few text messaging games is a great way to flirt or just pass the time. Games can be anything from simple to complex, with as many players as you care to get involved. Try out a few of these the next time you're away from your friends or family and want to get in touch.

Close-up of person texting on smartphone
credit: Jupiterimages/ Images

Cross Streets

Cross Streets is a great game for people who either know their city well or are trying to learn it better. Use your cell phone to snap a pic of street sign with an interesting landmark in the background, such as a distinctive steeple or favorite coffee shop. Text the photo to a friend. It's then their job to name the cross street and send back a more challenging pic to you.

Frengo Trivia

If you are looking for a more professional gaming experience via text messaging, then Frengo is a top source. This mobile community’s most popular text messaging games typically involve trivia. You can compete against your friends in any category imaginable.

Thumb Flurry

The goal of thumb flurry is to write a long text as quickly as possible. The judge sends out a text to every contestant with a passage from a book, a joke or a movie quote. The contestants then have to re-type the passage and send it to the judge. For every mistake, the texters have one second added to their final score, so even if you get your message into the judge's inbox first, you can still be harmed by inaccuracy. This game requires some ground rules in advance, including whether or not T9 is allowed.


A game offered directly from AT&T, Jumbli has everyone in the country competing to produce the highest scoring word from a collection of letters with different point values. A massive Jumbli screen has been set up in Time Square, or you can find the current letters online and in participating restaurants and businesses.