Fun Multi-Player Games for Long Family Road Trips

3 ways to keep the kids in the back seat from getting bored

By Jacqueline Emigh

Whether you're headed to grandmother's house for the holidays, or out on a family vacation at any time of year, the kids in the back seat are going to get bored. This is where it comes in handy to have more than one of them: They can turn to multi-player games to keep each other entertained.

To help you weather long drives this holiday season, we rounded up three multi-player, multi-platform mobile games that will keep your kids happy, night and day, until you get to your destination. Wherever that may be.

All of these game runs on both Android and iOS, along with another platform or two. So you can join in with your kids, too- as long as you're not the parent who is driving! The more, the merrier, as they always say.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Geared to those about ten years and up, Minecraft Pocket Edition lets you create buildings from rough shelters to castles, along with crafts, weapons, and all kinds of other cool stuff for use in an imaginary world.

It can be tons of fun even if you're playing it alone, but adding more players only makes things better. You and the kids will need to watch out for in-app purchases, though, because those are tempting and the prices can add up fast.

A new edition lets you build a "realm" and then invite others to your world--potentially a perfect place to be during a long road trip, especially at night when nobody can view any actual scenery.

Beyond the $6.99 price of the app, you'll pay monthly subscription pricing of $3.99 for two more people... or 7.99 for up to 10 other folks. If you spring for 10 people, then gramps, Aunt Mary and the cousins can all join in when you get wherever you're going. In addition to iOS and Android, this game is available for the Kindle Fire.

Muffin Knight

What if you have pre-schoolers along for the ride? Small children might not understand all of the intricacies of the action game play in Muffin Knight, but that's okay. They'll love it anyway. Their older brothers and sisters (and maybe you) will love this game as well.

This much is true: Everyone can enjoy the beautiful 3D graphics in this fantasy world and the mesmerizing fairy tale characters as well. Like in Minecraft, be careful of in-app purchases, because your kids will probably want to unlock each and every character.

The latest version adds a new "Wonderland" level." Beyond Android and iOS, Muffin Knight operates on MacOS and Windows (although we doubt you'll be bringing a laptop along for the ride).

Real Racing 3

While mom or dad tries to obey the speed limit, middle schoolers through adults can race to their heart's content in this realistic-looking multi-platform game.

Everything in Real Racing is about authenticity. You can race on 17 tracks modeled directly after the "real" ones, and you can choose from over 100 different "real," licensed vehicles. Again, in-app purchases can be a hazard. This game runs on Android, iPhones and iPads, and even Apple TVs.

Oh, and by the way: In case you're looking for something slightly more cerebral for the trip home, the Scrabble-like Words with Friends is also a lot of fun to play, whether you want to play it on Android or iOS.

Main image: Pexels