Funny Things to Send in a Text Message

Text messages can be a great way to have fun and show your sense of humor to friends. Depending on how much time you’d like to take, there are plenty of different ways you can create jokes with text messages; some are designed to just be a little lighthearted, while others can be amusing for the purpose of gradually annoying the recipient. The best option will depend on your sense of humor and what effect you want to achieve.

Text messages can be a perfect way to play a joke on a friend

Morse Code

Send a text message entirely in Morse code, using dot and dash marks to create whatever it is you’re saying. For example, to say “I just wasted t10 minutes of your time”, the code would be “.. .--- ..- ... - .-- .- ... - . -.. - . -. -- .. -. ..- - . ... --- ..-. -.-- --- ..- .-. - .. -- .” Websites exist which can quickly translate your message into the correct code.

Write Only in Lyrics

Write your friend a message using only phrases from popular songs. This can be a challenging task, but can also produce some comedic results depending on how intricate the message is.

Send One Word at a Time

This can be a fun choice if you plan on annoying the recipient. Every few minutes, send your friend another word of your message, causing them to become frustrated at your slowness.

Hide and Seek

If you see your friend in public when they can’t see you, create a quick game of hide and seek by texting them something along the lines of “Nice hat!” if they’re wearing one, or mention another specific piece of clothing they’re wearing. Keep changing your hiding place, and see how long you can keep sending them messages until they find you.