Good Things about Mobile Phones

Mobile phones or cell phones have come a long way since the days of their block-size predecessors of the 1970s. Longer battery life and talk time, digital cameras that take movies and GPS locators are just some of the technological improvements that make mobile phones so popular. Worldwide landline phone usage is surpassed by the utility and popularity of cell phones. Rapid innovations continue to present us with better phones all the time.

Wonderful Tool

Small Size

Mobile phones are small and compact with designs that fit into the palm of your hand or are flat and rectangular for your briefcase. Even small evening bags have room for a cell phone.


Cell phones are lightweight, weighing in at only ounces. Just about anyone can carry one or can use one of many styles of carrying cases.

Kid Friendly

Simple-style cell phones can be preset and used for even young kids. Home and emergency contact phone numbers can be preset so that youngsters just have to press a button to place a call. This is good if kids miss a bus or decide to go somewhere with a friend after school. Parents can know their child’s whereabouts at all times. Even if kids don’t call in, parents can contact them on their phones. Batteries should always be kept charged and having a spare battery around is good practice. Kids can learn what good communication means and they can learn the value of it as well.


Mobile phones allow you to always be in touch with your friends, family and business contacts. Even if you travel in an area where signals are low, incoming callers can still leave messages for you. There is no need to constantly run back to the office to check calls or seek out public payphones when you need to check a listing or call for any reason. Cell phones allow you to conveniently make calls when you want and wherever you are.

Portable Entertainment

Many cell phones come equipped with digital games and the ability to listen to streaming radio stations or watch music videos or popular TV channels.

Office in Your Palm

Mobile phones offer address books so you can always have your contact information and client data with you. Calendars and schedule planners are other common and useful professional cell phone features that allow you to work effectively while away from the office.

Connectivity Features

You can store lots of data on the upscale cell phone models. And features like Bluetooth and USP ports allow you to download photos, calendars, schedules and video recordings once you get to your computer.

Text Messages

Text messaging has gained popularity for people of all ages but especially youth. At the rate that teenagers converse, it’s a good thing they like and even prefer texting since it’s usually a cheaper option than voice calls.