Help for Saving Pictures on Skype

Skype is a program that allows you to instant message, call or video chat with friends and family members through the Internet. When you are interacting with your contacts, you can also send images back and forth. While working with Skype, saving the images you are using is a simple process.

Accepting Files

When you are interacting with one of your Skype contacts, you can accept files that they send you. If one of your contacts wants to send you a photo, he can initiate a file transfer. On your Skype screen, you will see a message that says your contact wants to share a file -- you can accept or decline the request. When you accept the file, it will automatically begin downloading to your computer's hard drive.

Finding the Files

Once you download the file, you can view it on your computer. To find the file that you have saved to your s hard drive, simply click on the link that says "Show in Folder" on the Skype chat screen. Once you click on this link, it will take you to the location on your computer where the images are saved. If you want easy access to this folder, you can create a shortcut to it on your desktop.

Taking Pictures

One of the attractive features of Skype is the video calls. To make a video call on your computer, you will need a webcam attached. While using Skype, you can use this webcam to take a picture of yourself and save it on your computer. To take a picture with Skype, go to "Tools" and then "Options." From there, navigate to "General," "Video Settings" and, finally, "Take a Video Snapshot." This will take a picture with your webcam and save it to the computer.

Accessing Snapshots

If you take snapshots with the webcam through Skype, your pictures will be saved in a folder. To access these pictures so that you can use them, you will have to navigate to its specific location on your computer. With most computers, the file will be saved on the "C" drive under "Users" and then your user name. From there, click on the "App Data" folder, then click "Roaming," then "Skype" and finally "Pictures." You can then send the pictures or use them as you wish.