Help Installing Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player is a free Internet browser plug-in that allows you to view in-motion graphics, video and 3D effects on your computer screen. Many websites use Flash media to relay information and make their sites appear more like a television program. Sometimes when upgrading or installing the Adobe Flash Player, your system will lock up or the player will not install correctly. You can easily troubleshoot the installation process.

Close All Browsers and Uninstall Adobe Flash Player

Close all open browsers, Internet clients like AOL Messenger or MSN Messenger and uninstall all versions of Adobe Flash Player. Also remove the current Adobe Flash Player if you have already downloaded it.

Clear Temporary Files and Temporary Internet Files

Clear temporary files and temporary Internet files from your computer before installing Adobe Flash Player. Do a disk cleanup and remove any unnecessary Internet-related files from your system. Don't forget to empty the Recycle Bin, then restart your system.

Check the ActiveX Controls on Your Browser

Sometimes Microsoft Internet Explorer's ActiveX plug-in will fail because your browser's security settings will not allow you to install Adobe Flash Player. Your browser's security level should be at “Custom” and ActiveX turned on. To check or change your security level, open Internet Explorer, click on “Tools,” then “Internet Options.” Click on the “Security” tab. Select “Custom Level” and locate the section labeled "ActiveX controls and plug-ins." Set “Download Signed ActiveX Controls” to “Prompt” and then set “Run ActiveX Controls And Plug-ins” to “Prompt.” If you are still having trouble with Active X and Adobe Flash Player, visit to download a special version of Adobe Flash Player for problem ActiveX installations.

Clean Your Computer's Registry

Clean your computer's registry file. A damaged Windows registry file will prevent ActiveX and Adobe Flash Player from installing. Symptoms of a damaged registry file include errors during Flash Player installation, “Failed to install” message, or the Flash Player installer finishes with no error, but you cannot view Flash content your Internet browser. Some sites will state that you do not have the correct version of Flash Player. Download Eusing Free Registry Cleaner from to repair your system's registry file.

Download and Install Adobe Flash Player

Once you have done the above steps, download the Flash Player again from and run the installation program. After the player is installed, restart your system and visit a site that uses Adobe Flash Player to test the player.