Help With Setting Up Netflix on an LG

Netflix is a streaming video service that lets you watch television shows and movies on your television, computer, smartphone or tablet. LG manufactures Blu-ray players and smartphones that are Netflix-enabled, letting you make the most of Netflix by watching at home or on the go. Setting up Netflix on either of these devices will take a few minutes, but will allow you hours of instant viewing wherever you are.

LG Blu-ray Wi-Fi

LG makes WiFi-enabled Blu-ray players pre-installed with Netflix streaming capabilities. You will need to enable the Wi-Fi first. Write down the name of your Wi-Fi network and the WEP security key of your wireless router. Consult your wireless router's owners manual for how to do this as it varies by brand and model. On your Blu-ray device, press "Menu," select "Setup" and then "Network." Choose "Connection Setting" and press "Enter" on your remote. Select "Wireless" and choose your wireless network's name from the list of available networks. Enter the WEP key and select "OK."

Blu-ray and Netflix

Now that your Wi-Fi is enabled, you may set up Netflix. On your computer, sign into Netflix's website and click on "Your account & help." Scroll down and click on "Activate a Netflix ready device" under "Watch Instantly on Your TV or Computer." Grab your LG Blu-ray remote and press the "Menu" button. Select "Setup" then "Network" again on your Blu-ray device. Activate Netflix by entering your Electronic Serial Number displayed on the TV onto the Netflix website where it says "Activate Your Device," then press "Activate." You can now watch the Netflix streaming programs on your television through the LG Blu-ray.

LG Android Smartphones

LG also manufactures smartphones with the Android operating system. On an LG Android device, open the Android Market and search for "Netflix." The Netflix app will appear at the top with Netflix, Inc. as the author. Tap on it and select "Download," then "Accept & download." Once it has successfully downloaded, select "Open." Type in your ESN before selecting "Activate" to start watching your Netflix instant queue on your LG smartphone.


A common problem for those setting up Netflix on LG devices in the ESN. If the device is not activating, double-check that you entered the ESN correctly. Sometimes on LG smartphones, especially if you have one of the lower or mid-grade models, the device might prompt that you are running low on space. This means you have too many apps on the phone and need to make room by uninstalling apps you do not want or use anymore to download and use the Netflix app.