How Can I Block Someone From Calling My House?

By Maya Walker

Unwanted calls can be blocked from getting through to your house phone by using the feature Call Blocker or Call Screen. The feature redirects unwanted callers to your house phone to a recorded message that informs the caller you are not currently accepting calls. Depending on your phone service provider, there may be a charge for adding the feature to your phone plan. You can add numbers from your blocked list at any time from your house phone.

Step 1

Contact your house phone service provider and request Call Screen or Call Blocker. Ask the representative for the activation date for the feature.

Step 2

Pick up your house phone on the activation date and listen for the dial tone. Dial "*60" on the phone's keypad. Rotary phone users should dial "1160" instead.

Step 3

Enter the number to block when prompted by the system. Re-enter the number to confirm that you want to add the number to your blocked callers list. Hang up the phone.

Tips & Warnings

  • Deactivate Call Screen or Call Blocker by dialing "*80" from your phone's handset. Rotary phone users should dial "1180" instead.