How Can I Copy Music From iTunes to Windows Media Player?

If you prefer the Windows Media Player interface over iTunes, you will need to import your music files located in iTunes into Windows Media Player. Whether you are a computer novice or an advanced user, copying your iTunes music library to Windows Media Player is a simple task. Once you understand the basics of computer media storage, you will be able to locate and import your music to virtually any music player.

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Dont' fret about moving your music -- it's easy.
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Locating Your Music Files

It is important to know exactly where your music files are stored on your computer before copying music into Windows Media Player. To locate your music files in iTunes, open iTunes and click “Edit” in the main menu,and then “Preferences.” Select the “Advanced” menu where you will see “iTunes Media folder location” which displays the location of your music files; it probably reads something like: to C:\Users\YourName\Music\iTunes\iTunes Music. Remember this location or write it down for reference.

Import Music Files into Windows Media Player

You do not need to copy your music files into a new folder for Windows Media Player; there is no advantage, and it will take up additional hard drive space. Instead, simply import the music files from the iTunes folder into the Windows Media Player interface.

Open Windows Media Player and select the "Organize" menu, then "Manage Libraries" and then "Music" to launch the Music Library Locations dialog. Click the “Add…” butto and navigate to the iTunes folder where your music files are located. Click “OK” to import the folder. Your iTunes music should now be available for listening in Windows Media Player.