How Can I Get a Laptop for Free?

By Jack Busch

You may have seen ads or websites offering free laptops for signing up for a selection of sponsored services. But with all supposedly free offers, it is important to exercise extreme caution and diligence in weighing out the benefits and drawbacks of enrolling in such a program. Though the offers and the programs differ from one another, the model for receiving a laptop for free is typically the same.

Step 1

Visit a free laptop offer website. You can find these easily by running a search engine query for "free laptops."

Step 2

Sign up for the incentive program. The registration area will undoubtedly be prominently displayed. You will be asked to give a valid email address and other personal information.

Step 3

Fill out a series of surveys. These are occasionally optional but will nonetheless be presented to you as part of the registration process.

Step 4

Complete two to six offers. You will be asked to sign up for free trials, register as a member at a sponsored affiliate, apply for credit cards or enroll in other programs. Upon doing so successfully, you will receive "credits" towards your free laptop.

Step 5

Redeem your credits for your free laptop. Once you have completed the requisite amount of offers, you can then log in to the member area to have the laptop sent to you.

Tips & Warnings

  • Sign up for a free web mail account and use that for signing up for offers. It can be difficult to remove yourself from mailing lists such as these. It is much easier to simply dispose of your account once you receive a free laptop.
  • Many of these free laptop offers are not legitimate. Research the website and company before giving them any personal information.It can be extremely difficult to satisfy the requirements for earning a credit towards your laptop. For instance, if you are denied for a credit card, you will not receive a credit from that offer. Likewise, if you cancel a membership, you may not be eligible to receive a credit.Most free trials require you to pay up front and seek a refund when you cancel. This can be a time-consuming process.You will receive much more junk mail and spam after completing one of these offers.The costs of your free trials, shipping and handling and other fees can easily outweigh the cost of a laptop.It is imperative that you read testimonials and warnings about free laptop offerings before signing up. Several such websites have been included in the Resources section.