How Can I Get My Busted Phone Screen Fixed?

By Mary Cole

Having a busted cellphone screen can be devastating and keep you from viewing your phone calls and data. It only takes one incident in which a phone is dropped or comes into contact with a heavier object for the screen to become damaged. Cellphone screens can be prone to breakage because they are made of glass, as well as ITO (Idium Tin Oxide), a clear colorless film used as a conduit of electrical current. A busted or broken screen may often look shattered as a does a broken mirror when dropped.

Step 1

Check to see if your phone is still under warranty especially if you determine that the broken screen came from a manufacturer's defect, typically covered by 12 month manufacturer's warranty. Relay this information to your mobile phone provider or the store where you purchased the phone. In this case, you likely will be provided a replacement phone.

Step 2

Inquire about any possible insurance you've purchased for the phone with your mobile phone provider. If you've purchased mobile phone insurance directly through an insurance provider speak with them. Ask whether a screen or phone replacement is covered under the plan you purchased.

Step 3

Buy a scratch remover if your screen isn't severely damaged. Apply the solution as directed, which typically includes applying heavy pressure until the scratches are gone and rubbing the screen with a cotton cloth.

Step 4

Replace the cellphone screen. Search for your screen's make and model on shopping websites or purchase replacement kits, which will include the tools you need.