How Can I Get TV Reception If I Do Not Have Cable or Satellite?

By Julius Vandersteen

If you have a TV set and do not have access to service from a cable TV company or a satellite TV company, you can get TV reception over the air. All full-power TV broadcasting stations in the United States have been transmitting signals only in digital format since June 12, 2009. Recent TVs are capable of receiving digital TV signals transmitted for free over the air. If you have an older analog TV set, you’ll need to attach a digital-to-analog converter to get TV reception.

Step 1

Power on your digital broadcast-compatible TV if you are in an area served by a broadcast TV station. Use the controls on the TV set or on its remote control unit to select a channel to watch.

Step 2

Connect the antenna output port of the digital-to-analog converter to the antenna input port on your analog TV if you don’t have a digital broadcast-compatible TV.

Step 3

Connect the antenna input port of the digital-to-analog converter to your analog TV’s antenna.

Step 4

Power on your analog TV.

Step 5

Set the analog TV to channel 3. A set-up menu or an image is supposed to appear on the TV. If you don’t see a menu or image, set the TV to channel 4.

Step 6

Press the button on the TV or on the TV’s remote control to perform a channel scan. Consult your TV set’s owner’s manual for details on the location and appearance of the channel scan button. Your TV will start receiving TV signals as soon as the channel scan is finished.