How Can I Know If a Person Has Criminal Charges Against Them?

By Ashley Hay

If you have a new neighbor or your child is dating someone you are unsure about, you can never be too safe. Looking up criminal charges on a person can be accomplished in the privacy of your own home and save you the embarrassment of asking the person yourself. The Internet provides you with many different public records and law enforcement sites that will help you to ease your mind or to better protect your family.

Step 1

Go to the Department of Law Enforcement website for the state that you believe the person may have acquired a record. If you are not sure of the state, visit a public records website.

Step 2

Click on the link that provides a criminal history search.

Step 3

Enter in any information you have for the person such as first and last name, date of birth, gender or race. Click on "Submit" once you have entered in the proper information.

Step 4

Review the list of names that have been collected in the search. If you see the name of the person you were looking for and wish to view the specific information on the charges, then click on the name.

Step 5

Enter your credit card information if you are prompted to do so before you are able to access the information. Most public records do not have a charge but depending on the information you are searching for, there may be a charge.

Step 6

Review the different names and information that was gathered during the search. If the person you're looking for has a popular name, you do not want to assume that the search results are for that person. Double check that the information matches your knowledge about that specific person.