How Can I Look at My House on the Internet?

By Alexandra Bee

Viewing your house live on the Internet is possible for free using various online services. Some companies also feature downloadable software to install to browse the entire world with just the click of your mouse. Once you begin browsing your house directly on the street, you can zoom to view your own neighborhood and city directly, allowing you to explore local areas you may have never visited or known about before.

Step 1

Open your computer's Internet browser and open a free map and satellite web service, such as Google Maps or

Step 2

Type in your home address in the search bar within the online map website and press enter or click "search" to allow the service to zoom to your home's location.

Step 3

Use the website's "zoom" button to move closer to street level while viewing the satellite view of your area. This will allow you to enter a street view, giving you the opportunity to explore your surroundings along with details of your house.

Tips & Warnings

  • Google Maps also offers a free downloadable software program, Google Earth, from its website. Google Earth allows for quick views of nearly everywhere on the planet while giving users a full glimpse of our globe from afar.
  • Some real estate websites also offer pictures of homes, both an aerial view and a street view, along with information about each home and its sales history.