How Can I Look Up a Phone Number for Free?

As more technology gets introduced into mainstream society, our options begin to increase, and some things that we took for granted for decades start to fade away. One thing that has not changed over the years is that it still costs you to call operator information and have them look up a phone number for you. The good news is that all the options created by technology, along with the remaining phone number look-up methods from the past, make it easy to find a phone number for free.

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Phone Book

The phone book has been around for a long time, and even though most phone book companies had to establish strong Internet counterparts to survive, the printed phone book is still a good option to use for finding a phone number for free. The printed phone book is broken up into the white pages for residential, blue pages for government and yellow pages for business. The phone book also has maps of the local area, listings of all of the emergency phone numbers you will need and in some cases coupons that can save you money when you buy a product or use a service.


The Internet has become one of the premier sources of information for people all over the world. Not only can you use websites designed for looking up phone numbers to find the person or business you are looking for, you can also use the major search engines to find a company website. When you are on a company website you can find the phone number to the department you are looking for, and it is all at no charge to you. If you would like to make your Internet phone number look-up experience truly free, then do your searching from a computer at the library where you can access the Internet without having to pay the bill.

Business Directory

If you spend any time at your local supermarket or shopping mall, you may have noticed publications offered for free that list businesses of all kinds. Sometimes you can find free publications that list people within a specific industry such as real estate agents or lawyers. These business directories are a good resource for finding information on a company along with their contact information. Similar to the phone book, these publications sometimes offer coupons and specials that you can redeem when you call.