How Can I Open Word Documents on My Mac?

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There are two very common file extensions associated with Microsoft Word: doc and docx. Both of these file types may contain formatted text as well as graphics, charts, tables and other elements. Because of the popularity of the Microsoft Word documents formats, Mac users have multiple options for opening, viewing and editing these types of files.


Step 1

Purchase Microsoft Word for Mac to open, edit and create Word documents. Microsoft Word for Mac is available on its own, or as part of the Microsoft Office suite of applications. Microsoft Word for Mac, either alone or as part of the Office suite, is on the high end of the price range, however it offers the most advanced features for working with Word documents.


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Step 2

Open Word documents with Pages, part of the iWork suite of applications from Apple. Pages can open .doc and .docx files. You can make editing changes in Pages and export a .doc version of the file. Pages is only available as a part of iWork, but the price of the whole suite is in the middle range.


Step 3

Download and install the free Mac productivity suite, NeoOffice to open Word documents. The NeoOffice word processing program, Writer, opens .doc and .docx files. You can also save NeoOffice Writer files in both formats. As an open source project, NeoOffice is free of charge.