How Can I Pick My Cell Phone Number?

There are certain services and phone companies that offer the option of picking your own cell phone number when you sign up with them and become one of their customers. However, there are different degrees of choice you have with these services, based upon what numbers they have to offer and how much you are willing to pay.

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Cell Phone Providers

According to the forum at, there are a few cell phone providers which allow their customers to pick their own cell phone numbers or at least part of their cell phone numbers. Verizon allows customer to pick a few digits of their cell phone number. The reason why choice is limited is that cell phone providers are given a specific group of phone numbers. You can usually pick the area code, and once you have done so the cell phone provider will tell you what numbers are available within that area code.

An online site called allows you to pick from a series of phone numbers available in any area around the country, whether you are there or not, and purchase it for your own personal or business cell phone number. As of April 2009, these phone numbers cost anywhere from sixty to one hundred dollars depending on the quality of the number, which is determined by how easy the number is to memorize. Once you purchase the number, it takes anywhere from ten to twenty days to become active.

Customer Service

Another way to pick your own cell phone number is to simply call up customer service operators at your cell phone's service provider and hope to find one who will work with you. These operators are often interested in making their customers as happy as possible, and they will scan the phone numbers they have access to and give you a list of options so that you can find one that suits you. It may take you some time to find the right operator and the right number.