How Can I Play MP4 Files?

By Jason Jensen

An MP4 file, also known as an "MPEG-4," is a media file that can contain audio, video and subtitle information. For these reasons, MP4 is a common format used for movies. The easiest way to play an MP4 file is by downloading a media player that supports this format. VLC player is a free media player that will play MP4 files, as well as many other video file formats.

Things You'll Need

  • MP4 file
  • VLC media player

Step 1

Go to and click on the "Download" link to download VLC player. There is a PC and MAC version to choose from.

Step 2

Install VLC player on your computer.

Step 3

Right-click on the MP4 file you would like to play, and select "Open With..." Then click on VLC player from the list of applications. VLC player will launch and your movie will begin.

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