How Can I Port My Number to Boost Mobile Unlimited?

By Stephanie Ellen

Wireless Local Number Portability -- LNP -- enables you to keep your phone number when you switch wireless carriers, including to Boost Mobile. Boost Mobile is a prepaid division of Sprint that specializes in no-contract cell phones with pay as you go or unlimited wireless plans. Boost does not guarantee the switch to a new number, but most ports go through smoothly.

Step 1

Call Boost customer service at 1-866-402-7366 and tell them you would like to port your current phone number.

Step 2

Wait for the porting process to finish. The process could take up to 7 days, during which time you may have phone service on two phones.

Step 3

Contact your old phone company and make sure your contract with them has been terminated.

Tips & Warnings

  • Emergency 911 may not work properly during the porting process. If you do have to call 911, make sure you give the operator and alternate number to call you back.
  • LNP only applies to wireless phone numbers. If you have a land line you may not be able to port your number to Boost.