How Can I Put Cell Phone Pictures on My Computer?

At some point or another, a person with a camera phone will encounter the dilemma of moving photographs from a phone to a computer. There are three methods for completing the transfer: sending yourself picture mail, performing a data transfer, and downloading the files from the phone's memory card. If you're continuously sending picture mail to yourself, your wallet may suffer, so the other two methods are ideal, and they're more efficient ways of moving your files.

Web Transfer

The old method for sending pictures from a cell phone to a computer is to send the photograph to your online account and access the account from a computer. If you have an older phone or you don't have the hardware to connect the phone to the computer to do a data transfer, this is the only way to go. The problem with it is that the process takes longer than the following processes and you'll probably be charged a fee for every photo that you transfer.

Data Cable Transfer

A data transfer is one of the best ways to get the pictures off your phone and into your computer. You can buy a USB data cable and synchronizing software from your cell phone manufacturer and most electronics stores, and they're not very expensive. Before you can transfer files, you have to install the software and connect your phone to the computer so that the system and the phone are synchronized. Then you can view and modify any information on your phone with your computer. Open up your photo files and copy and paste them to a folder on your computer to finish the process.

Memory Card Transfer

The memory card transfer is probably the fastest and least expensive way to transfer photos. Unless you have a memory card slot on your computer that's compatible with your phone's memory card, you'll need a USB card reader--also called an adapter--for your specific card type to complete the transfer. Just remove the card from the phone and insert it into the card slot or the memory card reader. The card reader then goes into a USB port. Wait for the computer to recognize the card and then you'll open up the memory card folder and save the files to your computer by copying and pasting.