How Can I Recover Deleted Texts on a Cell Phone?

By Jennifer Fidalgo

There are times when a cell phone user accidentally deletes a text message that he or she meant to keep. Methods to recover deleted texts include using software that comes with the phone or calling your cell phone provider's customer service number. In addition, a SIM card "spy" will allow cell phone users to recover deleted text messages.

Things You'll Need

  • Recovery software
  • USB port
  • USB SIM card reader
  • Computer
  • SIM card "spy"

Step 1

Find the factory software that came with the phone. Connect a USB port from the phone to a computer. Use the software to restore the phone to its previous restore point. This way, you can view all text messages that were present before they were lost.

Step 2

Call your cell phone provider and ask the company to send a list of all text messages from the phone. Providers often can email the message to you or send it as a text to the phone.

Step 3

Ask a cell phone retailer if it has recovery software to trace deleted text messages. Some carriers have software that is not sold but may be used by customers who need data recovery services.

Step 4

Try a cell phone SIM card "spy." Use the SIM card from your phone with a USB SIM card reader to store information on your computer to prevent it from being lost.

Tips & Warnings

  • See if you can recover text messages at no cost before spending money to recover it.
  • Text messages that you may wish your spouse or employer not to see can now be recovered.