How Can I Remove the Ads From Google?

Ads from Google have become a money-making powerhouse for both the Google company and users displaying them on their web pages. Although Google Ads have changed the way we look at advertising, that does not mean that everyone wants to look at them. There are a few ways you can remove the ads from web pages you enjoy viewing and block ads from your personal website.


Greasemonkey is a add-on for the Mozilla Firefox web browser that allows you to make changes to HTML web pages. These changes happen automatically when you open the web page into which you have loaded a script. A script is a line of code that programs the Greasemonkey add-on to perform its task. To remove Google Ads from webpages, you must download the Greasemonkey add-on for the Firefox browser. Once you have added Greasemonkey, download the ad remove script. Once the script has finished downloading restart Firefox.

Adblock Plus

Add block Plus is another add in available to users of Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Songbird and Prism. Navigate to the AdBlock Plus website and download the add-on for your browser or application. Once the add-on is downloaded, you will be given a prompt to restart the browser or application. Once you restart, you will be presented with a screen that gives you options for the regions you wish to block. Choose the region you are located. Adblock Plus is set up and your websites will now be free of ads.

Blogger Google Ads

If you have a Blogger account and are annoyed at the prevalence of ads on your website, or not pleased with the content of the adds, you can remove them by deleting a few lines of code in your Blogger Templates. Sign into your Blogger account and select the Template Tab. Once in the Template area, click \"Edit Current.\" Find the AdSense Code for your Blogger site and delete. The code will look something like this:

Once this is done, apply the changes and check your blog for the changes. You can do this with several Blog websites. Simply find your AdSense code and delete.