How Can I Retrieve My Forgotten Password to Access My Computer?

By Suvro Banerji

A login password is a great way to secure your computer. It prevents unwanted users from hacking into your system and accessing your files. It is important you remember your login password to access your computer. However, it is possible to either lose or forget the password without locking yourself out of your computer. You will need a third party Windows password recovery software to execute this task. This type of tool is often called a "password cracking" tool.

Things You'll Need

  • Blank disc

Step 1

Find a different computer that can connect to the Internet and is capable of burning CDs.

Step 2

Choose a Windows password recovery tool. You will find several of them on the market. Some of the best ones are Ophcrack, Offline NT Password & Registry Editor, Cain & Abel and LCP. The last two are free and available for download.

Step 3

Download the password recovery tool on to the second computer.

Step 4

Burn the software on a blank disc using your CD-writing tool.

Step 5

Shut down the original locked computer. Insert the disc you created in Step 4. Now restart the locked computer.

Step 6

Press any key when you get the prompt "Press any key to boot from the CD." The Windows password recovery software should start running.

Step 7

Follow the prompts to retrieve the old Windows password. Use this password to log in to Windows as an administrator and access "My Computer." Note down the password in a safe place once you retrieve it for future use.