How Can I Save a Video From a Website?

By Alexis Dawes

Thanks to a helpful video on YouTube, you finally worked up the courage to install those kitchen cabinets on your own. Installation morning you fire up your Internet connection looking for that video--only to realize that your Internet connection is down. You call your provider and discover it'll probably be on the fritz all day. If you knew how to save a video from a website, you wouldn't need an Internet connection to see that video. You'd be drilling away. You vow never to let this happen again. And that's what you're here for. There are some simple techniques you can use to download online videos.

Things You'll Need

  • KeepVid
  • DownloadHelper

Using KeepVid

Step 1

Go to the Web page for the video you want to save. The video should appear directly on the page.

Step 2

Open a separate browser window and go to the KeepVid website. KeepVid is a free tool that allows you to save videos from YouTube, MetaCafe or DailyMotion videos. So you're going to have one window open with the video, and a separate window open with KeepVid in it.

Step 3

Copy and paste the URL for the video page into the "URL" box on the KeepVid Web page, and press the "Download" button. A link for the video will appear in the "Download Links" box on the new page. The link will not have the name of the video. It'll say something like "Download" or "Download FLV."

Step 4

Click on that link. A window will open up prompting you to choose a location on your hard drive where you'd like to save the video. When you're done, hit the "Save" button, and the video will begin to download onto your computer.

Using DownloadHelper

Step 1

Download and install the latest Firefox browser. If you don't have it already, Firefox is a popular Web browser that's available on the Mozilla website.

Step 2

Download and install the DownloadHelper Firefox extension. DownloadHelper allows you to save videos from a number of different websites, including YouTube, National Geographic, Google Video and AOL Music--to name a few. It's an application that installs directly into the Firefox browser. Once it installs, you'll need to restart Firefox to begin using it.

Step 3

Go to the page of the video you wish to save. At the top of the Firefox browser, you'll see a rotating icon for DownloadHelper.

Step 4

Click on the down-facing arrow attached to the DownloadHelper icon. The link for the video will appear. Click on that video link.

Step 5

Save the video to your hard drive. A window will open up allowing you to save the video to your computer. When you're done saving, you can begin watching the video.

Tips & Warnings

  • DownloadHelper gives you a large list of video sites where you can download content. Some of those sites exclusively feature adult content. There's a SafeMode link on the DownloadHelper website that allows you to turn off access to those adult sites.