How Can I Speed Up My Internet Connection for Free?

By Michael Jones

Depending on how your Internet connection is set up, your connection will only be able to go so fast. A dial-up modem will not be able to go as fast as a DSL or cable modem. The best way to really speed up your Internet connection is by subscribing to a fast service provider. Once you're subscribed, you can still do some tips and tweaks that will slightly speed up your connection.

Step 1

Upgrade your modem. You can get a free modem from your telephone company but you may have to pay to upgrade your service subscription. This depends on what type of service you are already paying for. Upgrading your modem is the single most important factor in determining your connection speed. The fastest modem you can get is a DSL modem but a cable modem is almost as fast. The slowest modem is a standard dial-up modem that connects to the Internet through your phone line. Not only does this method of connection tie up your phone line, it is extremely slow. In some cases, you won't be able to enjoy most of the features of the Web, such as images, audio and video, with a dial-up modem.

Step 2

Run a virus scan and delete any infected files. If your Internet connection is extremely slow all of a sudden, it is usually the result of a virus. You may have corrupted files that are slowing down the overall performance of your computer. You can find free virus-removal software online but many computers already come installed with an antivirus program.

Step 3

Reset your home network. To do this, unplug your router and modem from your computer and then disconnect them from the electrical outlet. Keep everything unplugged for a minute or two and then reconnect everything. Follow the prompts on your computer to set up your Internet connection. Sometimes simply resetting the network will drastically increase performance speed.

Step 4

Upgrade your computer. If you have an old or very slow computer, don't expect fast Internet connection. Your Internet connection will only be as fast as your computer will allow it to be.

Step 5

Call your Internet service provider. If all else has failed, it may just be that you have poor service. You can usually find the number for your Internet service provider on the bottom of your modem or in the user's manual for your modem.

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