How Can I Stop the Survey Pop-ups?

By Tyran DeWalt

Survey pop-ups are sometimes the result of malicious spyware. You can stop survey pop-ups from appearing by using a few manual procedures. Stopping the pop-ups with a pop-up blocker is a temporary solution, yet you need to get rid of the source of the problem to completely stop the pop-ups, which is usually spyware.

Step 1

Launch the Internet Explorer browser on the desktop.

Step 2

Click "Tools." Place the cursor on "Pop-up Blocker" and select "Turn on Pop-up Blocker." Exit Internet Explorer.

Step 3

Click the button to open the Windows Start menu, then "All Programs" and "Windows Defender."

Step 4

Select the down arrow next to "Scan" and click "Full Scan." Allow the scan to detect and repair possible spyware or malware, which could be causing the survey pop-ups.