How Can I Stream Movies From Netflix and See the Whole Screen?

By Sara Hickman

Netflix is a service that allows you to stream television shows, movies and documentaries through your computer or video game consoles for a monthly fee. To use this service, you must have the Internet and an account. When watching on a computer, the streamed film will appear small, but with a quick step you can make the picture full screen for easy viewing.

Step 1

Log into your Netflix account using your user name and password. Peruse the "Watch Instantly" options and select what you would like to stream. Choose "Play" and the item will begin playing.

Step 2

Choose "Full Screen" once the movie or TV show has begun playing. This will make the program appear in the entire screen. To leave full screen, press "ESC" on your keyboard or "Exit Full Screen."

Step 3

Set up an account through your Xbox 360, Wii or PlayStation 3. You can use the same account as online, you just have to log in through your system. Make sure the system is connected to the Internet before trying. When you watch items through your video game console, it appears full screen automatically.

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